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Most doctors have neither the expertise nor the experience needed to correct these pinched nerves. Many doctors treat the pain with drugs or risky Spinal Surgery. Dr. Bennett is one of the few practitioners in the area who can treat these pinched nerves, without surgery. He's successfully handled 1000's of cases of lower back and leg pain and can help end your sciatica pain now!

Common Sciatica Symptoms

Burning Sensation in Legs
Burning Sensation in Legs
Numb ness & Tingling
Numbness & Tingling
Low Back Pain
Low Back Pain

Here's What Our Patients Are Saying

"I've never had any relief from doctor care until now! My pain was so severe that I could barely walk and I couldnt put my socks on. After X-rays and a consultation we agreed on a treatment plan. I felt much better after the first phase of treatment, and better still after phase three. It has been a long process and with new X-rays I could see that my spine was 65% better. I will recommend Dr. Bennett to everyone"

Avatar-W. Lamb

"The Dr. Is really kind and is really helpful. He answers all my questions and I started to feel relief just after my first week. Staff is really friendly and always greets me with a smile. I would recommend this to anyone."

Avatar-Vanesa Estrada

"•I have had issues with my lower back off and on for several years, but just recently I injured my back again and had severe pain in my lower back that made it very difficult to walk or function normally. I had been in the care of another Chiropractor and was not getting any relief. I was at my wit's end and needed real help, luckily I came across an advertisement for Agape Health & Wellness Center."

Avatar-Manuel Azevedo

"I came to Dr. Bennett with some serious back pain and related spin issues. I would have trouble getting out of bed and never seemed to get a good night's sleep. After coming to Dr. B all my back pain is gone."

Avatar-Jose S.

"I have been going to Dr. Bennett since the beginning of the year. I had been having some issues with my back and neck, some that were debilitating. I am already seeing such a huge improvement with the aches, pains and headaches. The Doctor and staff are really friendly too."

Avatar-T. White

"Dr. Bennett and his staff are great they always greet me with a smile and positive attitude. Everyone at Agape is professional yet make you feel like family. When I first went to Agape there were days I could not get out of bed or have a numb leg for days at a time. With the treatment I have received this far I have no back pain or numbness to speak of. If you need a chiropractor Agape is the place for you. Thank you everyone at Agape"